7 Tips to Prepare Your Property for Pressure Washing

There are multiple causes for why it is necessary to pressure wash your house. You should pressure wash prior to painting your home. You should also consider pressure washing every year in order to eliminate accumulated grime, dirt and mold that come from being exposed outside. Pressure washing your house improves its appearance and ensures ongoing maintenance. To get ready for pressure washing your home, there are a few crucial steps you must take to prepare the house for this process so as not to cause harm.

1. Secure any Windows, Doors, & Other Openings

Our houses are designed to endure usual weather effects like wind and rain, but the force exerted from pressure washing (even with lower-intensity power washing that employs pressurized hot water for a more delicate yet equally effective cleansing) is stronger than even the most powerful rainstorm.

To prevent water penetrating the home through normal openings and entryways do the following:

  1. Close and locks doors and windows
  2. Close all openings, ensure no gaps or cracks exist in door jambs and along windowsills or on the door and window casings
  3. Verify if the weather stripping on doors and windows is there; switch or fix anything that’s broken prior to pressure washing your house

2. Cover Outdoor Electrical Outlets 

Don’t forget about the outside outlets. Take a walk around your house and remove plugs from appliances or extension cords. Put covers on these outlets too for extra protection. Normally, most exterior outlets possess hinged covers. In case your outlets lack these, buy and set up exterior outlet covers prior to pressure washing your house. This is because if the water stream touches the exposed electrical sockets, they might produce a surge or jolt of electricity.

3. Remove Potential Fall Hazard Items

If you unplug anything from the electrical outlets, keep the cords wrapped up and put away. Also, check the property for other objects that could cause falls such as shovels, toys belonging to children, bicycles or ropes.

A person who is cleaning your home using pressure washing may trip over these kinds of items. They might also create obstacles that make it hard for them to move the pressure washer around, making the process of cleaning take longer. The hose from the pressure washer or water hose might get caught in objects and fall hazards on ground around the house, driveway and sidewalks too.

4. Move Vehicles Away 

To avoid harming the parked vehicles, it is best to park them on the street or anywhere away from the power washing area. 

5. Remove Fixtures You Do Not Want to Wet

The next method for getting your house ready is to take out things you don’t want to get too wet or possibly sprayed by the pressure washer. These objects could include your garden furniture, grill machine, garden box along with bags of garden soil or charcoal and so on.

6. Relocate Plants You Do Not Want to Wet

Even plants need to be shifted aside. Besides possible falling dangers, it’s probable that they will get harmed from the pressure washer either because of water or by dragging the hose past or over them.

7. Keep Kids and Pets Out the Way

Lastly, it is important to keep children and pets away when your home is being pressure washed. Keep children and pets inside during the time of pressure washing because they are more likely to wander in front of the blast from the pressure washer. The strength of pressure could possibly damage skin, causing severe harm.

If you keep pets outside, it’s good to put them in the garage or possibly take them to the kennel so the person doing pressure washing can leave gates open while they work around your house.

When you ready your house for pressure washing, it helps complete the work in a secure, speedy manner, protecting your home from harm.

Though it may require some investment of time, getting your house ready for pressure washing is a necessary step to guarantee the efficiency and safety of your yearly pressure or power washing service, just like the one provided by Advanced Cleaning.

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