Roof Washing in Tampa

Our customer had reached out to us from our website. She was looking to have her home cleaned after our most recent storm, Hurricane Sally. The house appeared to be clean, but upon closer inspection, we found the usual cobwebs, dead bugs, dirt, and sea spray. This was a beautiful three-story home in Destin along the coast. We started up top with our roof cleaning service, pre-wetting the metal roof, keeping it cool so our solution won’t dry before we can rinse it. This is to keep the roof looking clean and streak-free. We performed our touch-less window wash that is complimentary with every house wash. This removes the ocean grime and any organic growth and leaves them looking new. Once on the ground level, we pre-soak all landscaping in three stages. Before, during, and after the application of our cleaning solution. We also tape up receptacles, door locks, and any other vulnerable items on the home.

Roof and house came out incredible check out these results!

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