Lakeland, FL Roof Cleaning With Soft Washing

We were contacted from a homeowner in Lakeland. They were inquiring about a roof cleaning. I was confident we were the right fit. It was Shingles roof cleaning which we knew we could provide great results! While doing roof cleaning can seem easy however it’s a formal we utilize here at Wrightlook pressure washing company to ensure great results! We explained to the customer we can provide a soft wash solution to ensure no Shingles would be damage! The owners wasn’t sure the last time the roof had been cleaned! With the proper equipment and skilled training we were at able to make the roof look new! As we started out with watering all plants to avoid damage ! Mold was taking over the north side of this roof. If left untreated this roof would lose years of its intended lifespan and the manufactures warranty. Our dedicated roof cleaning treatment killed all the organic infestation that was growing and made this roof look new again.

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